Restaurant Review: Razzi’s Pizzeria – Seattle, WA

Today my husband and I were meeting his cousin for a quick brunch before she had to fly home to Texas. The last time my husband and this cousin got together was almost twenty years ago so I did spend some time agonizing over where to go for both food I could eat as a celiac and for something she might enjoy. When she was consulted about food preferences and limitations yesterday, imagine my relief when we discovered she was gluten-intolerant and her husband was celiac (though not visiting with her) so she was used to being gluten-free and it was just fine for us all.

We decided to try a pizzeria I’d heard about but never tried (I don’t get into Seattle all that often) called Razzi’s (used to be Romi’s) in Greenwood. I did my usual scouting, looked them up online and was amazed at how many options they had on the gluten-free menu. They even have a low-carb menu that my husband can eat from since he’s on a low-carb diet. We won’t even GO into how often gluten-free and low-carb can be made not to mix, especially at restaurants….

They stated that they opened at 11am and we arrived a few minutes early but were greeted warmly, seated at a table of our choice immediately, and given clearly labeled gluten-free menus, as well as a regular menu for my husband (just in case). He decided not to deal with low-carb today but they had a labeled menu for that too. It wasn’t a busy Saturday, for which I was grateful, as we talked a lot and I didn’t need to feel guilty that they needed the table for other customers.

Because gluten-free pasta is more prevalent than gluten-free pizza, we decided to split a pizza and get an order of garlic bread. I really had a lust for gluten-free garlic bread after I saw it on the menu. They were both really tasty. The garlic bread was crunchy and light – I would have loved more butter and garlic but it was good as is, especially with marinara sauce spread on it. The pizza was also really tasty and unlike most gluten-free pizzas I’ve had, the crust was not a dry cracker. It was a thin crust with a bit of lift to it – exactly what I’d expect on a thin crust pizza. We were all really happy with our meal.

In addition to eating in, Razzi’s sells their gluten-free breads to go (baked or unbaked) and we got some pitas for the cousin to take home to Texas. I’m waiting to hear the report on how her husband and she liked it.

The kind gentleman that had been checking on us regularly brought us a complimentary dessert which I think is was the vegan mint brownie. It was tasty as well and gluten-free.

I had an excellent experience at Razzi’s and we’re already looking forward to eating there again, even if it is quite a drive for us. I have my eye on some lasagna and maybe a pizza to take home!

Razzi’s offers regular, low-carb, gluten-free and vegan menus. It’s a nice, homey atmosphere you don’t need to get dressed up for. It’s not cheap but, honestly, pretty much nothing gluten-free is cheap and it’s not hideously priced, either.

I’d give Razzi’s an “A” for a gluten-free eat-out place. Guess it’s a good thing we’re too far away for them to deliver or I could see having them on speed dial….

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  • Thanks for the review. I haven’t been to very many restaurants here in Seattle, but I have a meeting at Razzi’s this week and I was wondering what the gluten-free fare would be like. It’s good to know I’ll be able to eat there if I want.

    • Maura

      It was pretty tasty so I think you would be pretty safe. They’ve got their menus online and they are pretty clearly labeled by GF, DF, and such as well.

      Let me know how your meeting goes and, if you decide to eat there, what you think!