Weekly Gluten-Free Round Up – May 29, 2011

This week I’ve rearranged the sections a bit and sub-divided the recipes into major categories (at least according to what little logic I have left at the moment…) I’ve continued adding new recipes that happen to be gluten-free to the list, even if they are not from dedicated gluten-free bloggers.

New sites have been added to my links page as well.

Feedback is always welcome. Remember that I parse through all these links myself – at the moment it’s about 1500-1700 posts on my RSS feed and another hundred or two via alerts. Hoping it’s helping anyone reading.


  • The biggest news this week was an article by Meghan Casserly at Forbes.com in which the author seemed to imply that a gluten-free diet is a fad and blaming it for eating disorders or even that those on a gluten-free diet are trying to cover for an eating disorder. The article clearly was not well researched and, in my own opinion, the author had an agenda that was either highly focused on just eating disorders or on how many hits she could get by upsetting a rather vocal and growing segment of the population. It’s also possible that the author should have worded the title differently.There are lots of interesting comments to be read on the Forbes.com site and many bloggers have responded on their own blogs. I certainly take offense at the portrayal that if you don’t eat gluten, you can’t eat anything and an article that seems to reinforce this idea is sloppy journalism at best and a lie at worst. The author has not endeared herself to me or others in the celiac/gluten-free community by her apparent lack of concern over how her article affects this segment of the community and seems completely unwilling to be educated.
  • Costa Vida restaurants have announced a gluten-free menu and removed all gluten from all sauces, marinades, meats and selected desserts. Found via Gluten Freeville.
  • Pasta Prima has put out a press release announcing they will be producing a certified gluten-free refrigerated fresh pasta ravioli, available this summer, in Butternut Squash and Five Cheese flavors. Their website has a a search by state option so you can see who might carry this option in your area.
  • There are reports that a celiac vaccine has completed it’s Phase 1 clinical trials – which means its been tested for safety and tolerability with a very small pool of patients. This is a therapeutic vaccine that is intended for those patients who carry the HLA-DQ2 gene. The second phase of the trials is the Phase II test for efficacy – to see if the vaccine does what it is intended to do. You can read more about it by doing a web search on celiac vaccine.
  • Betty Crocker is hosting their first ever gluten-free recipe contest! You can see the contest details on their website. Found via Betsy at Gluten-Free Betsy.



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  • Still Riding Pizza is the supplier of GF pizza crusts, bread crumbs and pasta to many restaurants. Their website allows you to both look up restaurants in your area that serve their products but also allow you to order their products online. Found via Kimberly at Celiac-Disease.com.

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  • THANK YOU for including me in such a fabulous list – so many sound great and I’m off to look around now! 🙂

    • Maura

      Hi Kristina 🙂 I liked your recipe and was glad I found your blog via another person’s list!

      Thanks for stopping by!

      – Maura

  • Wow – that’s for including my recipe in your round up. And, whoa – there’s lots of blogs in there that I’m not familiar with. Now I need to go check them out and add MORE blogs to my ever expanding feed reader. Thanks! 🙂

    • Maura

      LOL Deanna!

      My RSS feed reader has a scary number of entries just in the celiac/gluten/recipe group. There are some great blogs out there and I think I find new ones every week or so.

      Thanks for stopping by and keep up the good work!

      – Maura

  • Another fantastic roundup–I love that I can find so many posts I may have missed in the last week (and always smile at your sub-head, “collected and read by a real person”! 😀 )

    Thanks so much for including my recipe. Can’t wait to check out loads of the other ones listed! 🙂

    • Maura

      LOL Reiki

      I put that sub-header in there because I do want people to know this isn’t some robot running a program to gather anything it finds by keyword but rather a person does all this work manually. For me it makes a difference, hopefully for others, too.

      Lots of great blogs!

      – Maura

  • Aww; thanks so much for including me on this weekly round up! I love your blog and love reading your weekly round-ups! I look forward to them each week and it’s such great informative information! Enjoy your holiday weekend and thank you again.

    • Maura

      Hi Amie 🙂

      I’m glad you like the roundup! I’m glad I found your blog and have been really enjoying it. Have a great holiday weekend, too!

      – Maura

  • Wow! Are these all from one week? There are so many great resources for the gf community–and no more excuses to eat poorly! Thanks for including my Almond Cake in your roundup.

    • Maura

      Hi Laura,

      Yep, these are all done a week at a time. There are so many good resources out there and terrific recipes but it can take a lot of time and perserverence to find them. I figure that’s my way of giving back!

      – Maura

  • Maura, thank you so much for including three of The G-Spot’s recipes in your round-up! I am honored. Everything on this list sounds delicious — now I just have to decide what to make first! 🙂