Review: Guilt-Free Goodness in Monroe, WA

I had gotten a tip from my administrative assistant at the day job about a new gluten-free bakery opening near my home. Guilt-Free Goodness only opened to the public on June 22nd so the bakery is really new. Today I had to be in Monroe anyway in order to feed my friend’s cat for her so I decided to stop by. Plus I was starving as I’d been out running around all day 🙂

The location was actually a bit tricky for me to find but that’s mostly because I’m directionally deficient and because I think Google Maps has it wrong. I did find it after a circled the block though. Guilt-Free Goodness is in a fairly new strip mall and I’ll warn you it’s small. There is counter seating for maybe 8 people but it’s clearly designed as a bakery with a bit of a takeout business as well, not as a eat-in diner. The decor is very nice and scrupulously clean. There is a service window straight ahead from the entrance doors through which you can see the work being done, your food being prepared and can order and pay for your purchases. On one side of the customer area, there is a lovely case of cupcakes set up for self-service and and a large rack of packaged and ready-to-go breads on display on the other side.

At the time I went, there were already about 7 or 8 people being served and the bakery had sold out of some items – maybe 3pm is a bit late 🙂 It’s clear that this is going to be a busy place but the two staff members – one being Brooke, the pastry chef – were doing a great job of serving everyone and everyone was greeted with a smile.

A part of me was a bit awed just by the fact there was a sample plate out with pieces of an herbed baguette and pound cake on it and I could actually have some. For someone used to staying as far away from any bread samples as possible, this was just great!

I ended up placing an order to go and getting:

  • The Northern Star sandwich – turkey & ham with swiss cheese, sundried tomatoes, pesto and lettuce on gluten-free sourdough.
  • A raspberry shortcake
  • A lemon cupcake
  • One mini-loaf of banana bread
  • One mini-loaf of apple cinnamon bread

I’m afraid my appetite got the better of me and I didn’t take pictures. Sorry 🙂

The sandwich was made on thinner slices of sourdough that were (as I’d expect) a bit less airy than regular sourdough but they were very tasty. I love sourdough and all my gluten-free attempts have had a lot in common with wallboard, so this was a delight. The entire sandwich was delicious and I especially enjoyed the thick layer of sun-dried tomatoes and pesto.

I dug into the raspberry shortcake next. There’s a wonderful sugary crisp on top of the shortcake and the crushed raspberries and fresh cream made it a wonderful. Midway through my savoring it, my husband appeared and started stealing bites of it. When I glared, he started merely looking mournful and telling me he’d gladly finish off anything I was too full to eat. Dream on, husband.

I’ve not started in on the other three items yet but I have no doubt they well be equally delicious. I’m beyond delighted to have a gluten-free bakery so near my house.

Guilt-Free Goodness’ website has information on the owner, the skeleton of an online ordering system and all contact information. I’d encourage anyone in this area of Washington that has a desire for good gluten-free baked goods that are freshly made and not frozen to check out Guilt-Free Goodness. It looks like the daily offerings are being posted to the blog as well!

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