Tip: Gluten-Free Bread Storage and Uses

In my own experience, gluten-free breads tend to be somewhat fragile and easily get moldy. Most people I know do not go through gluten-free bread all that quickly, either. BUT – when you freeze sliced gluten-free bread, it tends to turn to a solid brick you are forced to try to chisel with a butter knife in order to pry off the one or two slices of bread you need.

What I’ve taken to doing is separating my loaf of bread into pairs of slices and putting those in individual freezer bags. This way when I want a sandwich, I just pull out a bag. No more chiseling!

I’ve also found most gluten-free bread is improved by a light toasting. We have a toaster oven but be sure your toaster won’t cross-contaminate your bread. A lot of the time you don’t even need to brown the bread, just toast it enough to make the outside a bit crunchy and to dry it out a bit.

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