Tip: If You Have Cats….

Do you know what your cat litter is made of?

Like a lot of people, I have pets that I love dearly. In my case, I have several cats and because I don’t believe in letting my cats outside (don’t get me started on that soapbox), I also have several litterboxes and the job of keeping them clean.

I also live in the sticks and we take our trash to the dump ourselves. No curbside pickup. This means we pay by the pound to dispose of our trash. Traditional clay litter is both very heavy and takes a long time to decompose so I spent quite a while researching what litter would be best for out situation, number of cats, and environmentally. I ended up using SwheatScoop – a wheat-based litter – for a number of years. Then I was diagnosed with celiac disease.

No matter how careful you are and how clean you keep your house, cat litter particles find their way all over the house. Add to that the fact that *I* am the one cleaning the boxes and I had a recipe for continued gluten contamination.

Now I use a corn-based cat litter and don’t have that possible contamination factor. These newer litters work really well, decompose and aren’t as heavy as clay litters. In addition to the corn-based variety, there are others that are paper-based or even pine-based as well. I know it’s not the first thing that comes to mind when your going gluten-free, but don’t forget to check for this source of continued accidental exposure.

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