Weekly Gluten-Free Round Up –June 19,2011

Feedback is always welcome. Remember that I parse through all these links myself –I hope it helps anyone reading.


  • Epicurious is doing an interesting series on gluten-free cookbooks. I’ll include links to each cookbook review as they come out in the book review section below.



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5 comments to Weekly Gluten-Free Round Up –June 19,2011

  • Another comprehensive roundup–and thanks so much for including my Strawberries &Cream Layer Cake! I always find so many fabulous recipes I want to make in your lists. . . ah,to have that much time! (I could spend all day,every day,cooking and baking!). Have a great Sunday (and Father’s Day,if you’re celebrating). 😀

  • Maura

    LOL –Time? What’s that? I’m actually just well-organized and I don’t cook as much as our great chefs and recipe authors do. I work on the roundup a little bit each day after I get home from my day job and before I go to bed,after my writing for the day is done (I’m a technical and fiction author). I wanted some way to pay back to the GF community and I’m not a gifted cook but I’m a great data miner.

    I think I’ll try some reviews next :)


  • Thanks so much for including my recipe –this is such a great roundup! Glad I found your blog!

  • Thank you,Maura,for including me in this wonderful list again! Everything sounds so yummy! :)