New Challenges Ahead

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I was diagnosed with celiac disease in November of 2009. That’s only about 18 months ago, which makes me a relative newbie to gluten-free, actually.

When I first cut gluten out of my diet and  felt so much better, I had a period of feeling deprived. My relationship with food had changed abruptly and I wasn’t sure how to cope with it. Most of my favorite foods were off limits and for a bit I did okay. Then I discovered a plethora of gluten-free substitutes for my favorite foods – breads, pastas, cupcakes! My comfort foods were back! I gloried in my newly reclaimed ability to have the things I love (even if they were not quite the same).

But I began to notice something. I was gaining a bit of weight despite not really eating more and I was gaining it in my belly – not a place I’m used to weight landing. And the times I’d been to the doctor for various issues had shown my blood pressure was creeping up and up. Now, I’ve been overweight for years – quite a lot overweight – but I’d successfully performed the ostrich maneuver on that issue (i.e. hiding my head in the sand). But these current issues sounded a lot like metabolic syndrome (insulin resistance).

So, being both a science geek and pretty proactive about my own health care, I bought a glucose monitor and started testing my blood sugar to see just what is going on there. A few days of tracking food + blood sugar gave me enough information to be pretty sure I had metabolic syndrome and to make an appointment with my doctor.

Not unsurprisingly, my doctor agreed with my assessment. I’m not into pre-diabetes fully but this can be a progressive change so I’d rather bite the bullet and do something about it now, rather than later.

So now I need to eat both gluten-free and very low carb. Fun, huh??  Yah, that’s what I thought, too.

So I set myself some goals. I’m going to lose about 100 lbs by December 2012. I’m going to eat to my plan. I’m going to get my blood glucose down into normal ranges.

To do that, I need to eat correctly (GF and low carb) and start exercising. I hate exercising with a deep and abiding passion, by the way. The only consistent time I have to get to the gym is before work in the mornings. Have I mentioned that I hate mornings, too?  So I have to resign my vampiric/geeky circadian rhythms to getting up at 6am. Ugh. But it’s got to be done. For anyone who says “why not workout by running or walking outside?” remember that I live in Seattle, WA and in a rural area. Not only is the weather wet much of the year but my area doesn’t have sidewalks. I’d rather wish for death at the gym in the early am than seek it out via under-caffeinated fellow drivers or via pneumonia near my house.

Tomorrow is day one of “Die at the Gym”. I’m starting by walking on the treadmill to get my cardio up a bit. If I survive that, I’ll add in weights and such after a bit. One step at a time….

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  • Good luck with the changes, I have to eat gluten free, lactose free, low salt, low GI and low sugar… I’m glad taste isn’t just restricted to those things! I’d love to lose some pounds too, but I think I’ll stick to my walker inside as well.