One Day my Feet Turned Blue…

Vibram Five Finger Shoes

Monkey feet come in periwinkle!

I posted last week about my new, fun, dietary issues and the fact I needed to be both low-carb and gluten-free. I also need to lose about a hundred pounds which requires the gym.

Now, let’s be honest, I’ve not stepped foot in a gym in years and I make my living as a technical and fiction writer. Lots and lots of time behind the keyboard which in only conducive to being in one shape – ROUND. And I’ve been rapidly approaching spherocity for a while.

Last week I picked up my gym membership card (a great benefit from my day job employer) and my current schedule is to go a minimum of six days a week. Sunday is my only allowed day off but I’d rather work my way up to going then, too. Unfortunately the branch of my gym I like is closed Sunday and is a fair distance from home on those days when I work from home. Add in the fact Mr. Maura needs to lose weight too, and we expanded my son’s child YMCA membership to a family one that encompasses all the YMCA locations in this area. So now I have a 2nd option nearby with variety and more open hours.

I started in at the gym on Wednesday morning and went everyday except today (Sunday). I’m told that eventually you get to like this or even become addicted. Ummm…. I’ll hope but right now, I’m getting by on determination and stubbornness.

I’ve started with basic cardio because I would like to be able to at least have a bit of stamina before I add in weights or circuit training. I need to build lean muscle mass and the only way I’ll do that is with weights. Soooo…maybe another week or two of cardio and then I’ll add in weights.

The shoes in this post are my Vibram FiveFingers Komodo Sport shoes. I bought these specifically for the gym because I wanted a shoe where I could be as close to barefoot as possible. I do better with shoes that let me grip the floor and end up with better balance and less painful knees. I tried on most of their styles to select these and may still need a larger size – which means I have to move to men’s, since I have big feet. But these are lovely. I’ve used them on the treadmill at the gym everyday (1.5 miles yesterday – I know it’s fairly pitiful but it’s an improvement, believe it or not). No pain, no issues.

I’ve added a graph in the right sidebar to show my weight – working to get it to go DOWN.

I’ve stayed on my low carb plan and am regularly sticking my fingers for blood sugar and it’s a little better. I’d like to see it drop more, though.

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