The Path of Goals and Dreams: The Goals and My Plans

So, I should probably point out that I am extremely stubborn and very Type-A. I want to be in charge (most of the time) and I tend to be quite determined if I can just care enough to BE determined. The various health crises I outlined in the last post have made me care. I have a ten year old son and I see too many people unable to do what they want to do because of health issues to willingly go down that path any longer. And I was on THAT path.

Now I’m on a path to achieve the goals and dreams I have for myself. Some of them aren’t even very special to many people because they are things they do without thinking of it – as I once did. But to me, they mean something. Each one is a small step toward achieving things I thought were gone for good but are really only gone because of my own behaviors. Sad but true.

I’m going to cast these goals and dreams toward the universe (well, the internet) as another way of affirming them to myself. They may change over time or I may add others but my personality requires things to work toward and achieve and I thrive on regular, smaller, achievable goals instead of just one big one that is months or years off. You’ll probably be able to tell I’m a list-maker after seeing this 🙂

Long-Term Goals

  • Get down into at least a women’s size 12 comfortably by the end of 2012. (I really want to lose 100 lbs by then but I’m more fixated on the size).
  • Get into the “normal” BMI range.
  • Get my resting heart rate and blood pressure well into the “normal” range and keep it there.
  • Run at least a 5K (doesn’t have to be fast).
  • Get my blood sugar levels back into normal range with good control.
  • Get off my carb-addiction bandwagon and stay off.
  • Develop an active lifestyle where my career of writing is offset by time outdoors and being active at least three times a week for life.

Short-Term Goals

  • Change my diet, somewhat drastically, from just gluten-free to gluten-free and low carb and stick to it.
  • Get to the gym 6 days a week, no excuses.
  • Walk at least a 5K under 60 min (3.1 miles, in case you don’t know).
  • Take my medication and vitamins daily, on schedule, and take my blood sugar on schedule so I can adjust what is and isn’t working.

Immediate Plan of Action

  • Daily carb limit is 30g carbs. I don’t think I need to follow a particular plan but I need that limit. 30g of protein per meal as well. Most of this needs to be real food, not prepared junk though I will make an exception for one low carb protein shake a day before the gym.
  • Go to the gym NOW. I already have a membership as a benefit from the day job. I’ve failed in the past because I’ve tried to go after work. I really have to go in the morning, despite the fact I’m a geek and NOT a morning person. It’s the only reliable time I have. Sundays are the only acceptable day off.
  • Drink lots of water/Crystal Light/tea/fluids.
  • Set a follow-up appointment for my doctor when he’s back from vacation and get my full bloodwork done.
  • Weigh myself and keep track. If daily is too much of an obsession, go to weekly.

These all feed into some dreams and rewards I have planned.


  • To be able to shop at any of the higher-fashion stores in the regular size department.
  • To wear the boots I want to because my calves will fit in them again.
  • To wear my wedding rings again.
  • To have my size not be an impediment to travel anymore.
  • To think nothing of going out for a run or walk when the weather is nice.
  • To go hiking with friends without being the slow one.
  • To have a gluten-free cupcake once a month and be able to limit it to that. (after goal weight)
  • To have better health so I can see my sons grow up and keep up with the youngest (I hope).


  • New wardrobe.
  • Cute skirted tankini swimsuit.
  • New pair of Lane “Stud Rocker” boots.
  • Start a new fancy bra collection.
  • Hiking Pass for the local trails.

The rewards are a bit far off so I may insert some interim rewards that are much smaller – like a spa visit or such.

But I have a plan. Now to execute on it!


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