Weekly Gluten-Free Roundup – August 14, 2011

Feedback is always welcome. Remember that I parse through all these links myself – I hope it helps anyone reading.

Note: You’ll notice quite a few recipes for Peanut Butter Pie this week. These are in honor of Mikey Perillo, husband of blogger Jennifer Perillo (In Jennie’s Kitchen) and father of two young children, who died of a sudden heart attack this week. This was his favorite dessert and it’s a show of love, sorrow, solidarity and community from our little blogging community in response to a post from Jennie to “make a peanut butter pie this Friday and share it with someone you love”. I cried when I heard the news, though I have never “met” either Jennifer or Mikey. Hug your loved ones every day and my heart goes out to the Perillo family. There just are no words.




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