Weekly Gluten-Free Roundup – October 2, 2011

Feedback is always welcome. Remember that I parse through all these links myself – I hope it helps anyone reading.

(As you can see, the list grew quite a bit this last week due to finding a great list of GF blogs)


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10 comments to Weekly Gluten-Free Roundup – October 2, 2011

  • Thanks for including me in your roundup! I just discovered your blog and now I’m hooked. What a fantastic collection of recipes.

  • Maura

    Hi Nicole!

    Thanks for stopping by! I think I only discovered your blog last week so I could add it to my RSS feeds 🙂

    I’m glad you like my efforts!

    – Maura

  • Hi Maura–Thanks so much for including all of this week’s gfe Skillet Supper Series in your roundup this week. 🙂 What an amazing listing you’ve compiled this week! It shows how much good there is in our gf world. 😉


  • Hi Maura,
    Thanks for including my Lazy Daisy Cake in this week’s Round Up. I agree with Shirley…it’s an amazing list you’ve compiled here and it shows how many good people there are in our GF blogging community. BTW, I’ve added a few more to my Link List Page (http://wp.me/P1OnhQ-2K) I think it’s up to about 230 GF bloggers now…wowser!

  • Maura

    Thanks Shirley and Laureen!

    We have a terrific GF blogging and resource community. So many people work so hard to make it as rich as it is.

    Laureen – I’ll check out your link list again and see if I’m missing any on my RSS feeds 🙂

    – Maura

  • Hello Maura!
    Thanks so much for popping me on your round up list, so sweet of you 🙂 xx

  • Thanks for including my Pumpkin Bread recipe. I just found your website and love it! You do a great job! Gloria

  • Wow, what an amazing job you have done collecting all of these recipes. An incredible resource to the GF community. I am honored that you have included me. Thank you so much!
    a href=”http://www.my-extraordinary-life.blogspot.com/”>Extraordinary Life

  • Danielle (fresh4five)

    Thanks for including me in this round up! What a great list of GF recipes!!

  • Thanks for including me on the round up! What a beautiful job you do… I love it! I’ll add a link to your site on my blog roll… people who visit me will adore you! 🙂