Review: Eco Vessel “Boulder” Triple-Insulated Bottle

On a whim, I picked up one of the Eco Vessel “Boulder” 25 ounce insulated bottles at a local health store. I’m a huge fan of stainless steel bottles, though usually for cold drinks, but the Eco Vessel bottle intrigued me in several ways.

First, it’s stainless and not aluminum. I prefer stainless vessels, not just because of the potential health effects of leaching but because aluminum can make some drinks taste a bit like licking the inside of a tin can. Just NOT appetizing. But the Eco Vessel is also a lovely, fluid shape with a “waist” that makes it a bit easier to hold than a straight bottle. The Eco Vessel feels well made with nicely finished seams and a sturdy strap to hold the top onto the bottle and serve as a way to carry the bottle, if you so choose. It’s got a dual top – you can open the larger lid to easily fill with hot water (or ice if you really want to) and there’s also a smaller drinking lid that will let me sip from it without my inattentiveness meaning I’m wearing part of my drink.

Sadly, it’s true. Wide-mouthed bottles tend to result in my wearing part of my drink.

The Eco Vessel is also an insulated bottle – there’s a layer of copper sandwiched between two layers of stainless to give it the potential for retaining heat. Now that it’s winter in the Pacific Northwest, retaining heat is a good thing and I drink a lot more hot tea and coffee than cold drinks. It also has a fitted strainer for the top (removable, of course) to better accommodate the needs of tea drinkers.

The only color I spotted at the store to start with was the “gecko green” which, honestly, just isn’t my color. Then I saw the lovely “purple glow” and gave in to my impulse buy.

I tried the bottle out today by making tea in it at work. I made tea directly in the bottle (only had tea bags handy at work) to accompany my lunch. The only difficulty I ran into was that I couldn’t tell how much hot water was in the bottle when dispensing from our iCup machine but that’s not the fault of the bottle, just me (again). I made my tea at 11:30 and finally got a chance to eat at 12:15. I guessed the tea would be about the right temperature for consumption but with uncharacteristic caution, I took the bigger cap off and stuck my finger in to test the temperature. REALLY HOT. It was actually still undrinkably hot.

An attempt to allow it to cool down faster by leaving the top off was not very successful. I’d finished lunch, after a few interruptions, by 1:00 and the tea was still too hot to drink. I finally surrendered to my need to actually have my tea and poured it out of the Eco Vessel and into my big ceramic tea mug. About ten minutes later, I could actually drink it.

It’s worth noting that the outside of the Eco Vessel was room temperature this entire time. The only portion that got warm was the lid and it never got too hot to easily handle.

When I left for home at 5pm today, I made more tea in the Eco Vessel. I really wanted to find out how long it would keep the tea so hot. Mind you it was in the mid-30’s today so I thought that *might* get the tea cool enough to drink before I got home.


I closed the lid on the hot water and tea bag at 4:50pm. It was finally cool enough to drink from without fear of searing pain at 9:00pm. That’s a little over 4 hours!  As I drink the rest of my mint tea right now, at 9:45pm, it’s still nicely warm – not even room temperature yet.  I’m really impressed and will heartily recommend the Eco Vessel Triple-Insulated Bottle for keeping hot liquids hot while steel being healthy and environmentally conscious.

You can check the Eco Vessel website to see their range of products and either shop online or check with your local retailers to see if they carry the Eco Vessel products so you can see them in person. They have cold-drink insulated bottles with straws and some nice specialty items for kids as well. While not cheap,  I think these products are quite fairly priced to match comparable products and worth the investment.

I’m currently trying to convince myself that I need the Summit 25-oz Insulated Steel Straw bottle – maybe in Purple Glow to match my hot bottle! Of course the Turquoise Glow is lovely, too. Dang – decisions!

(Note: This product was purchased by myself for review. Neither the manufacturer nor retailer gave input into this review and the opinions expressed are purely my own. The two pictures on this review post are courtesy of the Eco Tools website and accurately reflect the product I reviewed.)


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