Weekly Gluten-Free Roundup – April 1, 2012

I added a legend to the bottom of the list now so you can more easily determine what my abbreviations after recipe names mean.


  • Nothing of note this week.



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I use abbreviations after some recipes listed in my weekly round-ups to indicate what, if any, dietary needs they fulfill. Note that I do not list GF or Gluten-Free because all recipes must be gluten-free or have a gluten-free option to appear on this list. Also note that I take the blogger’s word for what abbreviations to use.

  • CF = Corn Free
  • DF = Dairy Free
  • EF = Egg Free
  • GrF = Grain Free
  • LC = Low Carb
  • NF = Nut Free
  • Paleo = Paleo Diet Compatible
  • RAW = Raw Diet Compatible
  • RSF = Refined Sugar Free
  • SF = Sugar Free
  • SoyF = Soy Free
  • V = Vegan
  • YF = Yeast Free

2 comments to Weekly Gluten-Free Roundup – April 1, 2012

  • As always, a stellar roundup! Thanks so much for including my Spicy Nori Crackers. And those matzoh squares sound totally rad! 🙂

    • Maura

      I love Nori and am trying to get a few minutes to try your crackers! There are some great recipes focused on breads and crackers this week!