The Path of Goals and Dreams: The Goals and My Plans

So, I should probably point out that I am extremely stubborn and very Type-A. I want to be in charge (most of the time) and I tend to be quite determined if I can just care enough to BE determined. The various health crises I outlined in the last post have made me care.

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The Path of Goals and Dreams: Background

2011 has become the year I start regaining my health and fitness and embrace the goals and dreams I’ve put aside for years. I figure if I put myself out there, it will make me this path more “real”, more accountable. It may even help someone else know that they are not alone if

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One Day my Feet Turned Blue…

Vibram Five Finger Shoes

Monkey feet come in periwinkle!

I posted last week about my new, fun, dietary issues and the fact I needed to be both low-carb and gluten-free. I also need to lose about a hundred pounds which requires the gym.

Now, let’s be honest, I’ve not stepped foot in a gym in years and I

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New Challenges Ahead

Sugar & Spoon

I was diagnosed with celiac disease in November of 2009. That’s only about 18 months ago, which makes me a relative newbie to gluten-free, actually.

When I first cut gluten out of my diet and felt so much better, I had a period of feeling deprived. My relationship with food had changed abruptly and

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