Where did I go?

I’m a bit careful and don’t tend to announce vacations ahead of time but here’s your clue about why my round-up was missing the last two weeks…

Any guesses?

The weekly round-up will return this Sunday, however, and I’m working on a write-up of my experiences cruising as a passenger with celiac

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No Round-Up this week

Due to the snowstorms, power outages and miscellaneous weather-related messes, I’m going to roll this week’s round-up into next week. Sorry for the delay.

I’m not sure what happened last week

I had a huge post and, apparently, being in the midst of a change to my hosting ate most of it. It appears to have reverted back to a very early draft.


I’m sorry. I’m not sure whether I can recreate it without another 8 hours of work, so I may just consider last

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Pardon the Dust

I’m reformatting this so I’m happier with it. It might take me a few days, so pardon the dust!