Tip: Gluten-Free Bread Storage and Uses

In my own experience, gluten-free breads tend to be somewhat fragile and easily get moldy. Most people I know do not go through gluten-free bread all that quickly, either. BUT – when you freeze sliced gluten-free bread, it tends to turn to a solid brick you are forced to try to chisel with a

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Tip: Condiment Cross-Contamination

If you share your house with gluten-eaters, you may have already experienced the “fun” of trying to prevent cross-contamination of condiments and other sauces or even something like butter. I know the standard advice is to have two separate jars and mark the gluten-free one, making it off limits to the rest of your family.

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Tip: If You Have Cats….

Do you know what your cat litter is made of?

Like a lot of people, I have pets that I love dearly. In my case, I have several cats and because I don’t believe in letting my cats outside (don’t get me started on that soapbox), I also have several litterboxes and the job of

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